About squeezz

How it all happened

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Hello and Welcome to one stop gourmet healthy drink store.

Squeezz’s story is very interesting in a way. My name is Arash and I am the founder of Squeezz Premium Juice bars.

It all goes back to when I was very young. I grew up in a family which making juices and serving customers were their daily routine.

My family were very passionate about their business as well as their fruit orchards. I remember every time dad wanted to bribe us to study harder, he used to promise us that we would be going to the orchard on the weekend 😉

Well… I guess that used to work pretty well because we had too much fun in the orchard every time and missing out on that, was just not an option for us kids 😉

I always loved science so after finishing high school, I entered University to follow my dreams. I continued my study while still helping dad at the shop for that extra cash that I needed the most back then…

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After graduation, I started work in a yoghurt company and later on, at a bread company as a fulltime scientist and researcher. I then commenced work as a Microbiologist in a medical company in Sydney’s North which lasted for around a decade.

Both Dad’s lessons and my own scientific background made me come up with Squeezz juice concept.

The goal was creating a one stop healthy drink store which offers something for everyone with all sorts of diet and age brackets. Something that never existed anywhere in the world.

I dedicated all my focus and knowledge on developing the concept. Finally after over 4 years of hard work Squeeze Juice was born back in 2014.To complete the concept by getting more practical feedback from general public, we rolled out our first trial store for limited time in Seven hill’s shopping center. Since the beginning we were amazed by our valued customer;s positive feedback and comments. At the same time we used all feedback and comments to get things better as planned and get the concept ready for a strong start in national franchising. In other words, Squeeze is a combination of science and tradition in health food industry.

Squeezz is called `PREMIUM juice bars’ and keeping its authenticity has always been my number one goal. Squeeze juice is made based on using the best, most delicate and freshest produce in the Australian market.

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Right now Squeezz Juice offers the largest and the most varied beverage menu in the entire world.On offer we have the largest fruit and veggie juice combinations for all purposes. From scientific detox juices to diet and diabetic juices, we have them all under one roof. Squeeze Juice also has the largest range of smoothies, milkshakes and protein drinks in the entire world. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or an athlete we have the best and the largest choices for you which all come with 100 percent quality and taste guarantee.

Not only that, Squeezz’s new trademarks, PUNCH PACK and COCO KILOS, put a smile on everyone’slips.

In Squeezz, sky is the limit. We try to improve ourselves and get better and better every day by using your thoughts and feedbacks.

We call ourselves ” Welbeing People ” so expect only the best from us. All Squeezz’s Products must be the best in terms of taste and the healthiest in terms of nutritional value from the first sip all the way to the last.

We back this up by giving our loved customers full money back and replacement guaratee meaning love your drink all the way or get a full refund and another drink of your choice for free!

Anyway, that was our long short story.

Have a Squeezzy time…