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Welcome to the new frontier in fresh health products.

Squeezz Premium Juice Bars is the world’s largest health bar in terms of the product variety and innovation. It offers something for everyone with any type of diet and within any age bracket.

Taste and quality of the products are also distinctively different from all of existing similar businesses thank to our secret formulas and generous recipes. We have come a long way to achieve this strong business model. It enables us to open brand new stores right next to any existing franchised businesses with 100% confidence in profitability.

Yes, over 90% of the customers prefer Squeezz and that’s a proven fact!!!

Squeezz Premium Juice Bars holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the Squeezzbrand worldwide and in Australia.

Squeezz Juice also owns the full legal rights to two brand new trademarks, Punch Pack and Coco Kilos which have been created to bring smile on everyone’s lips.

Squeezz Juice is proudly 100% Australian and is totally committed to Australian values. It has been founded based on knowledge, creativity and simplicity.

Looking complicated from outside but extremely simple from inside while delivering onlyTHE BEST products in terms of taste, quality and health benefits.


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A typical franchise slogan is; Be Your Own Boss. Well it is not completely right after you sign the contract papers with the franchisor!! There are lots of rules and regulations which limit you in lots of different ways.

After years of experience in retail, we understand every small business has its own ups and downs from time to time. This can be the main factor why a lot of people worry about locking themselves into long term contracts with franchisors and investing lots on someone else’s brand hoping to gain profit one day.

Buying a franchise is a big risk and has a lot of disadvantages in which the typical franchisors don’t want you to know.


  • Buying a franchise means entering into a formal agreement with your franchisor with no option of ending it before the last day of the contract.
  • You work under constant surveillance of the franchisor. Either under 24/7 surveillance camera or they have the right to walk in and check on you whenever they want so technically you are not the boss.
  • Buying a franchise means ongoing sharing of profit with the franchisor which in some cases can turn you to a free labour for someone sitting in their office.
  • Franchise agreements dictate how you run the business, so there may be little room for creativity.
  • There are many restrictions on where you operate, the products you sell and the suppliers you use.
  • Bad performances by other franchisees can easily affect your franchise’s reputation.
  • Franchisors do not have to renew an agreement at the end of the franchise term. This means risky investment.

As an example if a franchisee invests 300K on a franchised store and for any reason in the end he can’t extend the contract, other than the equipment and fit out which wouldn’t worth much he will lose all of the original investment.

  • Franchisors can terminate your contract for variety of reasons which means you need to leave everything behind and walk out. The brand belongs to the franchisor (mother company) and all you have ever had, has been a piece of paper that allowed you to work under their name which will be no longer valid.

Basically the routine way of franchising turns you into a self-funded employee for the franchisor and a non-stop money making machine for someone else.

That’s why Squeezz Juice has something to say

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How good would it be to invest all of your effort on yourself,Be your own real boss with not a cent of your profit to share with anyone else?

Unlike all others, Squeezz Juice is the only franchise line in Australia that offers private branding. It means you work only for you and no one else while you get the full support and all the benefits that the franchisees get.

What you will get?

  • A brand new store, fully operational with YOUR VERY OWN BRAND.
  • A proven business model which maximises your profit from the day one. That’s Guaranteed!
  • A complete menu with all the original recipes (you will be having access to the world’s largest juice bar menu!)
  • All the equipment that you need
  • A Comprehensive training which includes both managing and working at the store.
  • A reliable supply chain which is one of the biggest hassles for any retailer.
  • Complete guidance in equipment, repairs and maintenance.
  • We’ll also hire your first group of staff and teach you how to continue yourself.

Basically you don’t need any sort of experience in the trade, we got you all covered.

Other benefits;

  • NO Franchise fee!
  • NO Royalty fee ever!
  • NO Contract fee or lock-in contract!
  • NO Marketing or Administration fee!
  • NO Training cost!
  • NO Legal fees!

Yes, it might sound too good but it is actually true!!!

With a very small setup fee, you will get all of that.

The setup fee will be around 15% of the operational store cost which gives you all the benefits outlined above. As an example if the store costs 50k to be completed, the setup fee would be only $7500.

We are experts in the field and we setup the business within your budget. At the same time we make sure that your investment will be the lowest in comparison with all other similar concepts in the market. This is GUARANTEED.

Our guys can also help you with finding a suitable location, negotiate the lease for you and give you a full business advice if you ever need to.

With absolutely no experience, our team of professionals turn you into a professional juice bar operator that can also train others and get you going from start.

You will also be learning all the following:

  • How to order your stock
  • How to work with POS machine
  • How to hire and fire your staff
  • How to make staff rosters
  • How to operate your store remotely
  • How to do book keeping
  • How to do your BAS to maximise your profit

One last thing

On your grand opening, you won’t be left alone. Our trainers will be with you for a few days to make sure everything is going smoothly and you have reached your full competence.

Now all of these services will be included in your setup fee no matter how low it turns out to be. There will be absolutely no hidden costs involved.

This is how you can really become your very own boss!

If you are ready then we are, just register your interest by filling the form below and our team will get back to you shortly after to discusses your needs further .

Best of Luck

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